Calling a Spade a Spade – AKA No One Likes Hearing the Truth

Does this dress make me look fat?” asks the girlfriend in this classic or maybe cliched scenario.

Yes it does,” replies the soon to be ex-boyfriend.

No one wants to hear the truth unless the truth is roses, and that’s even more true when you are trying to sell a product, like a video game for instance.  Take JC Penny’s attempt at honest marketing.  They tried it, business for them ground to a halt, and the company almost went out of business as a result.

So today, I launched a wacky little experimental IndieGoGo campaign whereby I asked for funding while basically calling my game a out for being a giant pile of sh*t.  Well, maybe not quite as bad as that. For the record, I’m actually very proud of where Arcana Kira is today.  The game is just a few days over 3 months old from initial conception.  It’s a miracle to me that the game is as far along as it is, but there’s still a ton of things missing and many bugs to be ironed out.

There are 2 big reasons why I went with this crazy honest angle (with bizarre almost inappropriate jokes) on my IndieGoGo:

1) I’m early into production, just starting to promote the game, but too early in the game dev process to have a polished product.  By calling it crappy, I’m setting the realistic expectation that the game is both Alpha and buggy.  While that might ice sales, it does attract eyeballs/attention and serves as a form of click-bait.

2) Arcana Kira is my experimental baby.  It’s meant to be my first game released, because I want a practice run through the entire process of game development before I release my precious magnum opus Daath Galaxy.  While I love Arcana, it’s here to pave the way and to teach me all the hard lessons before I move onto Daath Galaxy.

One other reason why it was easy for me to be risky with the IndieGoGo is because it’s being primarily used to gain publicity, with funding being a secondary side benefit.  It’s a 60 day campaign, so every Friday I’ll be updating it along with my builds.  It’s my hope that by the time the IndieGoGo campaign is drawing to a close, I’ll be able to change the title to something like “Arcana Kira – With Awesome Playable Beta Available Now!” but for now the truth is closer to crappy alpha, than awesome beta.  Follow along each Friday and watch it move closer to an awesome beta.

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