Free Tool to Get Users to Vote for your Greenlight Game in the Steam Client

Steam Greenlight is dead, and thus, so is this tool. One of the biggest problems with promoting a Greenlight campaign is that users are usually not logged into Steam in their web browser. This means that even after you’ve done everything right to entice users to click on your Greenlight URL, they can’t vote for […]

My GameDev Hashtag Schedule

Posting regularly on Twitter has driven a lot of traffic to my indie games. This is one piece of that puzzle:

Most Games Fail, So I Plan on Failing

Developing video games is hard work, and I know that from decades of experience. Despite all that time, I’ve got very little to show for it, and so I hope to present 3 games over the next several years to prove my capabilities as a game developer and to plant some franchise seeds. Now originally […]

Development Updates: Arcana Kira (Alpha 12 vs Alpha 11)

It’s been a few long weeks with no new Arcana Kira build since Alpha 11.  What gives?  Well, we’ve switched the development model a bit, moved to SVN for source code management, and as such, we’ve moved away from regular weekly builds so that we can tackle some problems that will take longer than a […]

Arcana Kira August Assessment

Introduction Arcana Kira is supposed to be entering BETA in just about 1 month (Aug 21, 2015 is the beta target.)  This brief document will outline what has to be done in order to achieve this goal, or in this case explore how long of a delay the beta will have because optimism is no […]

Arcana Kira Development Update

BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC usually releases an update for Arcana Kira alpha each Friday, and we’ve been pretty spot on each Friday for the last couple of months since we started.  However, last Friday we skipped a release and made a small tweet saying we’d be back today with the biggest update to Arcana Kira […]