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Originally published on: Dec 10, 2016
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Hi, I’m Sean Braganza! Currently Penning The Text Behind Daath Origins’ PR.

The science-fiction, RPG programming fanatic that lurks behind these walls of Black Lodge Games LLC. has been kind enough to let me introduce myself – and how I bear relevance to his three-year obsession that is Daath Origins.

I’m grateful; appreciate it, Jeff!

It’s likely that some of you that have found the Black Lodge Games website, and subsequently this guest blog post while scouring for press material on Daath Origins, recognize the long-winded nature of this text and are already scuttling for shelter for fear of it turning into another PR mail.


Fixing DAATH ORIGINS (Porting from RPG Maker XP to MKXP)

DAATH ORIGINS was supposed to launch on August 15, 2016, but was delayed due to the discovery of a major game breaking bug near the launch date. To this point, the bug has not been fixed and tracing the cause of the bug has stumped multiple seasoned programmers, myself included. It’s a worse case scenario that needs to be solved before a proper launch can occur. In order to help fix this bug, as well as other potentially undiscovered bugs, the plan is to take this complete game (minus the bugs) and bring it to Steam Early Access on September 15, 2017, to iron out all these issues.

50 Free SciFi Sound FX (192kHz, 64-bit, 24,576kbps WAV)

Featuring 50 Uncompressed 192kHz, 64-bit, 24576kbps WAV sound files available in a single 55MB zip file. I started with sine waves, then ran them through a billion and half VST plugins and filters. You can listen to a sample of each sound fx in this video.

50 Free SciFi SFX


To the extent possible under law, BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to 50 Free SciFi Sound FX. This work is published from: United States.

36 Free Ground Textures – Diffuse + Normals 2048×2048

In 2014 I went on a few hikes and took a cheap digital camera with me. I mainly took pictures of the ground, such as dirt and rocks. Later I edited them to be seamless/tileable, made normal maps and attempted heightmaps as well. The majority of the textures are 2048×2048, although a few are smaller. There are 36 diffuse textures, with 88 texture files in total (counting diffuse, normals, and heightmap.)

Here is a jpg sample (downloads come as png) of a diffuse and normal texture from the pack (click on the image to see at 2048×2048):
Download Texture Pack A

558 MB
Download hosted at


To the extent possible under law, BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to 36 Free Ground Textures – Diffuse + Normals 2048×2048. This work is published from: United States.

Daath Origins BETA 2 Release Notes / Changelog

{Tons of additions, bug fixes & improvements in Daath Origins BETA 2. Please take a second to vote for Daath Origins on Steam Greenlight (thank you.) This change log covers all the big things that have changed since BETA 1. Minor changes, such as some slight equipment rebalancing or alterations to planetary stats, are not included in this list. The online strategy guide is now updated with the latest planetary and equipment statistics.