Early Access Progress Update on Daath Origins – The Long Road Ahead I’m stubborn. It’s a good and bad quality. My single player space RPG, DAATH ORIGINS, has been in Early Access for 6 months. Why? Even though the game is basically done, including the...


Hi, I’m Sean Braganza! Currently Penning The Text Behind Daath Origins’ PR.

The science-fiction, RPG programming fanatic that lurks behind these walls of Black Lodge Games LLC. has been kind enough to let me introduce myself – and how I bear relevance to his three-year obsession...


Fixing DAATH ORIGINS (Porting from RPG Maker XP to MKXP)

DAATH ORIGINS was supposed to launch on August 15, 2016, but was delayed due to the discovery of a major game breaking bug near the launch date. To this point, the bug has not...


Daath Origins New Launch Date: September 15, 2017

Daath Origins promises a lot of features on it’s Steam store page, including 75+ quests, 500+ planets, 26 playable classes, etc. All of it is done. The game is done. New Game+ is done....


World Building an Indie Open World Action RPG (Arcana Kira™ News)

I love RPGs, and love to study what about them makes me love them so much. In the case of open world games, it’s right in the title: the world. You can randomly generate any generic world, but the art of immersing people into a fictional world through “world building” takes focused effort.


50 Free SciFi Sound FX (192kHz, 64-bit, 24,576kbps WAV)

Featuring 50 Uncompressed 192kHz, 64-bit, 24576kbps WAV sound files available in a single 55MB zip file. I started with sine waves, then ran them through a billion and half VST plugins and filters. You...


36 Free Ground Textures – Diffuse + Normals 2048×2048

In 2014 I went on a few hikes and took a cheap digital camera with me. I mainly took pictures of the ground, such as dirt and rocks. Later I edited them to be...


Free Indie Game Marketing WordPress Plugin

Creating a good game is hard, but that’s only half the battle. If you don’t market your game, chances are fewer people will end up playing it! To help you promote your video game,...


What’s Up With Arcana Kira, Daath Origins & Daath Galaxy?

It’s been a bit, so time to bring you up to speed on the development of our games. Here’s a paragraph update about each game:


Daath Origins BETA 2 Release Notes / Changelog

Tons of additions, bug fixes & improvements in Daath Origins BETA 2. Please take a second to vote for Daath Origins on Steam Greenlight (thank you.) This change log covers all the big things...


Free Tool to Get Users to Vote for your Greenlight Game in the Steam Client

Steam Greenlight is dead, and thus, so is this tool. One of the biggest problems with promoting a Greenlight campaign is that users are usually not logged into Steam in their web browser. This...


My GameDev Hashtag Schedule

Posting regularly on Twitter has driven a lot of traffic to my indie games. This is one piece of that puzzle:


Most Games Fail, So I Plan on Failing

Developing video games is hard work, and I know that from decades of experience. Despite all that time, I’ve got very little to show for it, and so I hope to present 3 games...


Our 2016 Release Goals, Daath Origins Announcement & Arcana Kira Delayed Again

If you’re skeptical of our dates for game releases, I don’t blame you. We’ve delayed both Daath Galaxy and Arcana Kira multiple times, so I understand. Just know that I’ll always delay a game...

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Arcana Kira – New Release Date Target: March 22, 2016

Previously we were targeting November 2, 2015 for our release date for Arcana Kira on PC/Steam.  The game needs more time in development to properly balance game mechanics and fully populate the world, and...


Development Updates: Arcana Kira (Alpha 12 vs Alpha 11)

It’s been a few long weeks with no new Arcana Kira build since Alpha 11.  What gives?  Well, we’ve switched the development model a bit, moved to SVN for source code management, and as...


Steamworks, End of Weekly Updates & Revised Current Timeline

Good news everyone!  BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC has moved forward and this weekend we finally became a Steamworks developer thanks to your efforts in Greenlighting Arcana Kira and Daath Galaxy.  This year, the full...


Arcana Kira August Assessment

Introduction Arcana Kira is supposed to be entering BETA in just about 1 month (Aug 21, 2015 is the beta target.)  This brief document will outline what has to be done in order to...


Arcana Kira Development Update

BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC usually releases an update for Arcana Kira alpha each Friday, and we’ve been pretty spot on each Friday for the last couple of months since we started.  However, last Friday...


BLG is Becoming More Than a 1-Man Game “Studio”

So far, it’s pretty much been a 1 man show here at Black Lodge Games. Daath Galaxy has been worked on for over 7 years, and Arcana Kira is out in playable alpha right...


Arcana Kira Localization & Worldwide Editions + 2 New Languages

Arcana Kira was first publicly announced on May 22, 2015, which is less than a month ago, and during the initial announcement it was revealed that the game would feature English and Japanese languages. ...


Oh Crap, 7700 People Are About to Own My Unfinished Game

Groupees were kind enough to place my Alpha status game Arcana Kira in their “Be Mine 20” bundle, and the current alpha build of the game will be unlocked once 7700 people have secured...


Arcana Kira Alpha 4 is Coming Tonight

It’s Friday, and every Friday I make a new alpha release of Arcana Kira.  This week it’s Alpha 4.  So far, it has new content & a few bug fixes from Alpha 3.2 (which...


Calling a Spade a Spade – AKA No One Likes Hearing the Truth

“Does this dress make me look fat?” asks the girlfriend in this classic or maybe cliched scenario. “Yes it does,” replies the soon to be ex-boyfriend. No one wants to hear the truth unless...


What is Sleep & Where Can I Get Some?

Well, I pooped out Arcana Kira playable alpha 1 today, less than 3 months after Arcana Kira was sketched up & the game was conceived.  I was up until 2am last night, and woke...

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