BLG is Becoming More Than a 1-Man Game “Studio”

So far, it’s pretty much been a 1 man show here at Black Lodge Games. Daath Galaxy has been worked on for over 7 years, and Arcana Kira is out in playable alpha right now, speeding towards a beta release in just over a month.  There’s also Daath Origins, a largely complete top down turn based RPG sitting in the queue, waiting for the time and the funds to be finished.  Then there’s the other projects, from before Daath Galaxy, and the games I’ve made or collaborated with others, that have never been officially revealed or talked about.

For example, at one time, myself and 2 colleagues were working on an HD remaster of the Felix the Cat NES game (I assume this specific project isn’t happening, since it was a pitch from us to the Felix the Cat rights holder.)  We never signed an NDA or anything actually, and we had only worked on a little bit of the mock up & prototype before I ruined everything by ducking out of the project, due to the affect it would have on my time developing Daath Galaxy.

I mention all of this, because from the outset I’ve always wanted to bring other people into Black Lodge Games to help with the development (I have a background in management, and direct experience coordinating programming teams, so I can’t wait to get back to delegating tasks according to everyone’s strengths and skillset.)   While the cash is still rather lacking, some solid team members are ready to start contributing to help get the ball rolling.  The business plan and product development strategy of the company have been crafted from the onset to scale up, and it’s almost that time!

So tentatively things are shaping up like this:

– Next week or the week after:  new team member joins for work on a new console exclusive title.  I’ll be overseeing the work, and also acting as a 2nd programmer on the project.  We’ll be revealing more about this game once Arcana Kira is released in November.

– Fall 2015: new team member set to join to port Arcana Kira to Linux, and to a few other platforms/consoles.  If all goes according to plan, he’ll be handling most of the in-house ports, including Daath Galaxy in 2016, although I’ll still be the one working on porting our games to Nintendo platforms.

– Spring/Summer 2016: hoping to be ready to bring aboard a very talented PR person to take the reigns away from me in marketing and community building.  This is more up in the air right now the first two.

In the meantime, I’m just waiting on stuff, filing paperwork, and doing a bunch of the bureaucratic stuff to get things smoothly rolling on all our target platforms.  I hope to update the blog later this week with some more exciting news from us.

Thanks for reading!

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