Arcana Kira – New Release Date Target: March 22, 2016

Previously we were targeting November 2, 2015 for our release date for Arcana Kira on PC/Steam.  The game needs more time in development to properly balance game mechanics and fully populate the world, and as such, we’re now targeting March 22, 2016 for our release date for Arcana Kira on PC/Steam.

So may be wondering why the delay?  Well, if you look back through the most recent entries in this blog, you’ll see that this delay was pretty much expected based off of the rate of development.  Basically our philosophy is to err on the side of caution and delay as necessary to insure that only “fun and done” games get published.  Our current assessment is that the game needs a lot of work, hopefully with a couple additional team members thrown in to help decrease the likelihood of additional delays.

The following video does a great job illustrating some of what is wrong and lacking in the game.  While this embedded video is from an older alpha build of Arcana Kira, a lot of the issues that the reviewer pointed out are still very much an issue in the current builds.  Be sure to check our conversation in the comments to see how we reacted to his honest feedback


So what have we been busy doing all these long weeks since the last Arcana Kira alpha build? Still just cracking away at a total redesign of the HUDs to make VR, controller, and keyboard/mouse all work through one unified HUD/menu system. That, and uh, well, getting ready to announce a new (thankfully already finished) game (to be announced in the middle of next month.) And some other NDA stuff I can’t talk about. Lots of work.  Oh, and about a week of non-stop toothaches, which was fun (but not productive at all.)  Got some other cool to share before the end of the year, but who knows at what schedule. Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend!

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