Arcana Kira Localization & Worldwide Editions + 2 New Languages

Arcana Kira was first publicly announced on May 22, 2015, which is less than a month ago, and during the initial announcement it was revealed that the game would feature English and Japanese languages.  Today, I’m ready to tell you about some additional languages that Arcana Kira will be supporting, as well as the extent of the localization.

So first, here’s a full list of languages that Arcana Kira will support:

  • English
  • Japanese
  • Russian
  • German

As you can see, we’ve added Russian and German languages to the list.  We’re considering additional languages, so if there is a translation you would like to see, contact us so we know 🙂

Now, for the first time, I am happy to announce that all Windows PC versions of Arcana Kira will support and include all supported languages, so one edition of the game covers multiple markets.  In terms of the extent of localization, the game play and content itself is identical, only text, voice acting, and other language related aspects have been changed.  For console ports, we are looking at one language per market, so USA & UK would get English and Japan would get Japanese, etc.

Anyone who has played an alpha build of Arcana Kira will be aware that English is the only language currently supported.  This begs the question: when will other languages be available for play?  The answer to that question is: realistically we expect to add language support sometime AFTER the November 2, 2015 launch of Arcana Kira.  However, it is our goal to try and delivery additional language support as early as humanly possible and we hope to have at least one additional language ready for beta (just don’t count on it.)

TL;DR: So there it is folks, all languages in one PC edition, 4 languages announced, and we hope to bring you the localization as soon as possible, although it could be after the English release is out and selling before we ship any of the additional promised languages.  As always, let us know what you think, and thanks for reading.  Have a great weekend.

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