Arcana Kira Development Update

BLACK LODGE GAMES, LLC usually releases an update for Arcana Kira alpha each Friday, and we’ve been pretty spot on each Friday for the last couple of months since we started.  However, last Friday we skipped a release and made a small tweet saying we’d be back today with the biggest update to Arcana Kira to date.

Well, the big update is still coming, but once again, the game sits in a rather half gutted state which makes the last public release much more playable.  I’d rather keep the current alpha out and not release the half baked reworked version until I manage to at least heal it with some stitches.  You see, Arcana Kira is about to get featured on a pretty big and awesome site at the end of the month, and we’re trying to get a bunch of new stuff done & fully implemented by the time it goes live.  It goes live Wednesday, so our absolute maximum date for the next fixed release is Tuesday, July 28th.

So folks, I just want to let you all know that we haven’t forgotten about our commitment to releasing weekly updates (we’ll get back to it as soon as these changes are finalized.)  We’re working hard 7 days a week to progress on all platforms, and we definitely appreciate your patience and support while we beef up the game and upgrade it to the next level.

So, see you all Tuesday with the new version!

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