A Big Update for Daath Origins is Coming in November 2019

To say that this Early Access was a disaster is completely accurate. Now, 2 years later, I finally have hope to release a stable, fixed and polished version of Daath Origins. That’s right, this game is not abandoned, and in fact is finally back on track thanks to mkxp and specifically the forked mkxp-z project, located at https://github.com/inori-z/mkxp-z Thanks inori-z!

So the next update in November 2019 will be a transition from RGSS3 to mkxp-z as the underlying game engine. This update fixes the 20 minutes into game play stuttering issue, the random crashes to desktop issue, and also renders the game using the GPU instead of the CPU. This update is nearly complete, with the only issue remaining is a text rendering bug.

The next update after that is a content, gameplay and polish update. I’ve received a lot of feedback on the gameplay, the tutorial sequence, and the controls and will be addressing all 3 of those in the update after next.

And then we’ll take it from there and work out any additional updates that need to be implemented as I work to take the game out of Early Access and into full release. Thanks again inori-z, you will get some cash from me for saving this game from Early Access limbo!

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